Web Recovery & Security from R640 + vat

Secure and protect your website.

Web Recovery & Security.

We offer website recovery options to help you. But that’s not all. We have additional security services to help in the prevention of cybercrime. Protecting your website should be high on your priority list as a business owner. While no solution is fool proof, some layer of protection is needed. And remember, having a backup service is equally as important. If you lose your website files and data through cybercrime, if you have a backup service, you’ll be able to access those files and data again.

Web Recovery
Website Recovery options - CMS / HTML.

Website Recovery. Basic CMS

A recovery scan of website files.
If possible, if a repair is needed within the booked time, a repair will be done.
If additional time is repair time is required, we will offer a quote before we proceed.
R640 + vat.

Website Recovery and Repair. Basic Ecomm.

A recovery scan of website files and Malware scan for products.
If possible, if a repair is needed within the booked time, a repair will be done.
If additional time is repair time is required, we will offer a quote before we proceed.
R1280 + vat.

Website Recovery and Repair. Large or complex websites / HTML Websites.

A recovery scan of website files and Malware scan for products.
If possible, if a repair is needed within the booked time, a repair will be done.
If additional time is repair time is required, we will offer a quote before we proceed.
R2560 + vat.

Web Security
Website Security options - CMS / HTML.

Security Ninja Pro

3rd party solution
R1290 + vat.

Cloudbric Web Security

3rd party solution
R2400 + vat.

Wordfence for Wordpress

3rd party solution
R2810 + vat.

HTML Anti Spammer

R1495 + vat.
  • Email box being spammed?
  • Website slow and or perhaps unsecure?
  • Bots emailing you or using your digital form?
  • Code applied to individual forms to reduce spam
  • Scan of your website files
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Web application firewall
  • Malware detection
This product price is based on a standard website with up to 5 web forms. Every website will differ. Please get in contact for a quote custom for your HTML website.


  • Has your website been hacked?
  • Are you or have you been a victim of cybercrime?
  • Do you need help recovering a repairing a broken website?
  • Do you need extra web security?

Cybercrime and web security is unfortunately a global epidemic and something that can affect any business now and in the future. Whether you own a website or property, both need to be protected from criminals, in this case, cybercriminals.

Websitedesign.co.za has prepared some supportive tools and products to help our Clients with extra protection or recovery of websites.

Please note that we do not work on websites not hosted with our own servers.

Website Hacking Prevention

Below are some of our services. Reach out to us to discuss your requirements so we can get you the best solution.

  • A layer of protection against website attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Brute force protection,
  • File change detection,
  • Bad user lockout,
  • Google re-captcha,
  • Two-factor authentication,
  • User action logging,
  • Database backups,
  • Malware scanning,
  • Website firewall,
  • Country blocking,
  • Whitelist or blacklist IP addresses.

Please note:
Websitedesign.co.za is not a cybercrime/hacking/internet security specialist and solutions provider. These services differ drastically from core services of a web design company.

Cybercrime is an international epidemic with over 30 000 sites hacked a day – this figure is likely to increase over time. Our office can attempt to offer solutions using our advance developer assessments and working with hosting providers. There is however no guarantee a website will not be hacked. No company can offer this guarantee. It is imperative that owners of websites take extra measures to maintain their websites security to reduce risk. There are several specialists you can find on google for this, but risk cannot be completely removed.


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Website Backup & Website Speed Options on Web Security

Backup & Website Speed Options


Backup Service – Once Off – Up to 5 GB

R320 + vat
  • Emails and website files downloaded from server and emailed to client.
  • Reduces disk space on their domain.

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Shalen has been nothing short of exceptional in his approach to service! Thanks for making something this complicated for me, SO EASY! Please keep doing what you doing.


Client Feedback

Shalen has provided excellent service and has been very helpful with my many requests and questions. I highly recommend his services.


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Shalen from Website Design is always on the ball. We hardly have any issues and if we do, he is one call away and always happy to help.


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I'm very happy with Website Design, their customer support is excellent. Thank you so much Shalen.


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Shalen, thank you for your help. You were very patient and professional and readily available to provide further assistance. You're a star.


More About Web Recovery & Security.

A web recovery service allows us to recover your lost or damaged files where needed. We need to evaluate the severity of your situation, so reach out to us as soon as possible and we’ll take a look.

With web security, you need to protect yourself as far as digitally possible. Adding an extra layer of security to your website is always encouraged. While there is no fool proof way to protect yourself against cybercrime, you must have some security.